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DJ ‘ S

He had his musical beginnings with Argentine folklore for 7 years. 
In 2003, he began to connect with tango and become interested in music.

He received teachings of this dance with the best teachers in the cradle of tango. 
At the same time, they gave him the necessary inspiration to find the precise contact 
that the music of a milonga requires.

In Europe, it begins to musicalize in milongas and events from the year 2008.

One of its main premises in their musicalizations is that they can not miss the great orchestras 
of the golden age of tango. His musical spectrum ranges from the 30s to the 50s.

With its careful proposal and respecting the homogeneity in each batch, 
it provokes the constant encouragement of the dancers on the track.

Organizer and DJ resident of Milonga La Pasional (Benidorm), since 2009.

He has the experience of being a Milonguero, dancer and event organizer.

Their tandas maintain traditional structures, their favorite orchestras oscillate between the 30s and 40s, 
making small incursions with some batches of the Old Guard and some more current, but this depends on the 
milonga and milongueros that conform it, since according to their dance they decide his musical proposal, 
for each moment is unique and unrepeatable, therefore he knows how to listen to the dancers and understand 
what they want to dance.

Quality, care and attention in all its musical selection, always betting on tangos, 
milongas and waltzes that have good musicality, with rich melodies, by and for the enjoyment of all milonguer @ s. 
He likes sung tangos, being his favorite when it comes to music, he says that the singer brings passion, 
strength, fantasy, they make you travel in time, according to the feeling so strong that they transmit, 
even for those who do not understand Your letters can feel all this.

He likes to create waves of energy, through the different tandas and themes that he proposes, 
from the most melodic and heartfelt tandas, to the most rhythmic and happy ones, and vice versa, 
creating a unique atmosphere, where tango and his emotions will make you throb.

Organizer and DJ resident of Milonga Recuerdo, in Murcia, since 2012

Their musical selection is preferably from the golden years of Tango, alternating great orchestras, 
with an exquisite musical selection.

Francisco is like a breath of fresh air, it is a safe value, with which everyone will enjoy and you 
will not be able to stop dancing.

He likes to create waves of energy on the dance floor, through the different themes and tandas he is 
proposing, incorporating very animated curtains between sessions.


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